The death and burial of poor cock robin

This old nursery rhyme is called “The death and burial of poor cock robin” — enjoy your reading!

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Who killed Cock Robin?
I, said the Sparrow,
With my bow and arrow,
I killed Cock Robin.
This is the Sparrow,
With his bow and arrow.
Who saw him die?
I, said the Fly,
With my little eye,
I saw him die.
This is the little Fly
Who saw Cock Robin die.
Who caught his blood?
I, said the Fish,
With my little dish,
I caught his blood.
This is the Fish,
That held the dish.
Who'll make his shroud?
I, said the Beetle,
With my thread and needle,
I'll make his shroud.
This is the Beetle,
With his thread and needle.
Who'll dig his grave?
I, said the Owl,
With my spade and show'l,
I'll dig his grave.
This is the Owl,
With his spade and show'l.
Who'll be the Parson?
I, said the Rook,
With my little book,
I'll be the Parson.
This is the Rook,
Reading his book.
Who'll be the Clerk?
I, said the Lark,
If it's not in the dark,
I'll be the Clerk.
This is the Lark,
Saying "Amen" like a clerk.
Who'll carry him to the grave?
I, said the Kite,
If it's not in the night,
I'll carry him to the grave.
This is the Kite,
About to take flight.
Who'll carry the link?
I, said the Linnet,
I'll fetch it in a minute,
I'll carry the link.
This is the Linnet,
And a link with fire in it.
Who'll be chief mourner?
I, said the Dove,
For I mourn for my love,
I'll be chief mourner.
This is the Dove,
Who Cock Robin did love.
Who'll sing a psalm?
I, said the Thrush,
As she sat in a bush,
I'll sing a psalm.
This is the Thrush,
Singing psalms from a bush.
Who'll toll the bell?
I, said the Bull,
Because I can pull;
So, Cock Robin, farewell!
This is the Bull
Who the bell-rope did pull.
All the birds of the air
Fell a-sighing and sobbing,
When they heard the bell toll
For Poor Cock Robin.

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